Kelvin M. Knight

"Three grand essentials for happiness in this life are something to do, something to love and something to hope for."

Joseph Addison

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The Southerner who one night, whilst sleepwalking in his stripey pyjamas, hurdled the North South divide, tripped, fell flat on his face, then woke up as a Northerner; one who reads, writes, reviews. Balance in this literary tri-force is paramount. Often it gets skewed.

Too silly? Too funny? Humour is frowned upon. So they say. Yet, if one cannot be humorous in an About, which is essentially what one is about, where can one release the inner child?

In one's prose of course. Come on, what do the majority of children do? That's right. As writers that is what we do: we make things up; we fabricate situations and places; we create characters and then talk to them. Surely we all need our heads examined? Without humour we definitely would.

Yes, I know, humour is still not for the workplace. Okay. I shall be serious. Promise. For a wee while. Even though talking about myself is as scary as having my picture taken. Yes, yes, the pictures are scarier. You should see my camera bill. Oh, I did promise. I am sorry. In recompense, here are four facts about me that those who think they know me would hook an eyebrow to (maybe).

1. Family. I am happily married to the lady of my dreams, whose forbearance, strength and beauty blind my beholding eye, whilst my two teenage children deafen my ears.

2. I am a champion of causes. Sometimes they are just, often it turns out they are lost. Nevertheless, my armour has rust spots on it that are difficult to change.

3. Honesty is the best policy. In a society which breeds deceit, why not tell the truth? Remove the fear. Reduce the positive spin. Eradicate the negative spin. Just tell the truth. Plain and simple. Or so it should be.

4. Nicknames. I have been called many things over the years but three nicknames that stick are Clarke Kent, 007 and Special K. Not necessarily in that order. Being called Mr Darcy, after a character from one of my all time favourite pieces of literature, is probably as close to the bone as these names get.

On that note, to truly find out about me, to discover what I love, please visit the other sections of my website and if you enjoy what you read and see why not let me know? I would be delighted to hear your thoughts. Thank you.

Literary Timeline

May 4th 2013, I attend the innaugural Newcastle Writing Conference in The Great Hall, Nothumbria University. Stephen May's not a keynote speech is inspriational: “If you are a writer who doesn’t write, you will always be a bit miserable... write because you HAVE to.” And this quote got a resounding YES from the agents, editors and publishers present: “There is a secret to getting an agent. Write a good book, send it, wait. There are no secret passwords.”

2013 An invite arrives for me to attend the Telegraph offices in London for the announcement of the winner of the 2012 Short Story Club competition.

2012 I dedicate myself to short stories of less than 2000 words and become embroiled in the Telegraph's online short story club, resulting in a virtual writing circle springing into existence. I start an MA in Creative Writing at Northumbria University.

2011 My mother and Jenny Hewitt (of JBWB fame) pass away. God bless their souls.

2010 An invite arrives for me to talk on BBC Radio Wales about my first novel Rainbow Warriors. Georgina Laycock, Martin Kurzik and Phil Rickman provide insightful feedback on and off air.

2009 I attend the Maryport Literary Festival where the theme of 'words on stone' sizzles my creative juices.

2008 I attend the Winchester Writers’ Conference and am enthralled by Colin Dexter, as well as being able to glean information from four delightful authors: Debbie Holt, June Hampson, Patrick Gale and Lucie Whitehouse.

2007 The Knight family relocate across the border to Cumberland. I attend the British Fantasy Society’s convention in nostalgic Nottingham where Terry Brooks rocks my world.

2006 I attend a literary retreat in the Castle of Park, Aberdeen, where Juliet E. McKenna teaches six aspiring authors about the business of writing. She does not bring her kid gloves.

2005 Clan Knight elope to Scotland. I attend the Edinburgh book festival and fall for fiction's most demanding mistress: short stories.